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Sunderland have opportunity to come out stronger after break

With the busy schedule Sunderland had in September, the international break afforded them the grace to have a breath of fresh air in days. Seven … Read More

David Moyes sucked the life out of Sunderland

As an avid Sunderland supporter Chelsea away on Sunday 21st May was the last straw for me in having patience with David Moyes after a 5-1 defeat to … Read More

Four mistakes that Sunderland could rectify to help with survival bid

Football fans, when their team struggles every season to find security, can be forgiven for thinking "Why Us?". Especially Sunderland fans who … Read More

Four reasons why relegation could benefit Sunderland

The word relegation should be whispered amongst the Sunderland fateful, however, it is not a secret that relegation could be the fate of David … Read More

Sunderland’s season so far… what a ride we’ve had already!

With Christmas over and the New Year a distant memory, what better way to sink into a deep depression than by casting your mind’s eye over the past … Read More
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Does David Moyes get any credit yet?

So the Christmas period got off to a wonderful start with a fairly predictable 3-1 defeat at Old Trafford, which featured an undeniably offside goal … Read More